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This course is the foundation for all the Leader Discovery Academy online courses. You will discover the main leadership and communication styles from the original DISC model, learn how to adapt your approach to take advantage of your own leadership strengths, and how to get better outcomes from improving your relationships with those you lead. Even if you are not currently in a leadership role at work, this course will help you become a better leader in your personal life, your workplace, and your community. This course also includes a link to take your own online leadership and communications style assessment, and you will receive a 50-page, full color, personalized report as a pdf file. Finally, you will have the option to sign up for a one-on-one leadership and life telephonic coaching session.

Sandra Abbey

Sandra Abbey

Certified Advanced Facilitator & Leadership Coach

Sandra Abbey has more than 15 years as a workshop facilitator, 8 years as an adjunct professor for a large private University, and 2 years as an advanced facilitator and leadership and life coach with Leader Discovery. In addition to designing and presenting the course materials, Sandra frequently dives into the discussion forums to answer questions, and freely provides her email and phone contact information to students to offer personalized coaching services that supplement their online coursework.

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Sandra Abbey, Certified Advanced Facilitator + Leadership and Life Coach

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7 Texts

19 Presentations

2.0 hrs